This is a simple overview of what unit testing is, why it’s used, and different ways you can test your code.

Testing is not the most attractive or “fun” part iOS Development but it is a “necessary evil” if you will. Every good app will have some sort of testing so it's not something you want to skip over if you're getting into programming.

So what is it?

In simple terms, it’s writing code to test your code. It’s a good way that your app works the way it was designed to. …

Database — a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer.

I haven't made an app that stored data locally on the phone using a database until now. Using Apples’ Core Data framework, I was able to manage all data in my recipe app. Let me just say right now, “this was a tough one.” Nevertheless, like anything, it gets easier with practice.

Now, why would one need to use a database? Well, a good reason would be to store data permanently once it's received from an outside source such as the internet. It also…

This week was all about working with Mapkit. We are all familiar with maps when we want to know where we are or to get directions somewhere. Here are a couple of things I want to explain that I learned from using Mapkit this week and how you could learn the same by following along.

When anything is being referred to as being “concurrent,” it is being compared with something else that is being done at the same time. When a task has been coded to execute, it can be programmed to happen at the same time as another task. This is concurrency or concurrent programming.

What physically allows us to do this is multicore processors. Specifically in iOS Development, with today's technology at the time of writing this, we are currently at a six-core CPU with the latest iPhone 11 and 12 Pros. The more cores there are, the more tasks we can perform…

This week in iOS development, I was able to make a weather app that requested and stored your current location and then gave you the current weather for the next five hours and the next five days.

I had a lot of fun with this app because for the first time I didn’t have to work with data that was local on my computer or that was already provided for me. I was responsible for finding out how to get the right data I needed, as well as retrieving and decoding the data to present it to the user.

What is an API?


During this week of learning app development, we dove into complex input screens with a UITalbeView.

What we have here are some very commonly used input screens used to put data into the application.

This last project I did really helped me understand the use of Protocols and Delegates. I had somewhat understood the concept but it was really solidified when I had to implement and create my own protocols and delegates for a certain favorite button.


Let’s try to understand this concept of protocols. Just as you might use and understand protocols in any other daily use, it’s used the same way in Swift. This is one reason why Swift is so great in my opinion because Apple chooses names that perfectly describes what exactly the code is doing. The names aren't ambiguous.

I was today years old when I learned and understood what Git was. Hidden in the MacOS(and Linux), there is a great functionality that makes any developers life so much easier. It’s no mystery to the programming world and perhaps the millions of developers using it as standard operating procedure. But after learning it today, not one of my projects will be done without using Git.

Let’s paint the picture shall we?

You are working hard on personal project for weeks, then one day you make a mistake or get rid of the wrong file and the project is broken. How do you restore the project…

For the past two weeks I have been working on my very first app, a calculator. It was a great learning experience to build this because I did everything myself. From the code in the background running all the calculations and making the UI changes, to completely laying out the UI to be clean and conform to all orientations and devices.

So earlier in the week before the calculator assignment, I learned the “guard” statement in the Swift language. This is a key word that helps you perform a certain task. The best way to describe it is that it…

It’s been a while with all this Covid-19 going on since I have posted an article. I think that I am back in the groove of things again and not as “constrained” as I was before. This week I was really delving into Auto-Layout and what it helps you accomplish in making a User Interface of an app.

What is Auto-Layout? Well let’s break down the words. Auto is short for “automatic” meaning doing something automatically rather than manually. Layout, you can think of “laying out” a blueprint of a house. Where something belongs and exactly how much room and…


I’m a father of five and an iOS Engineer.

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